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Planning a world trip seems like a huge task in advance, because where do you start? You don’t know what to expect, although you probably have some ideas. What could be better than reading the stories of others who have already taken the trip?

Before we went on a world trip, we collected a lot of information ourselves about all kinds of different aspects that have to do with a world trip. But during our trip, we also quickly noticed that this information was not always complete. By talking to other travelers and the local population, we learn something new every day.

Boots & Sunshine is a website full of information for travelers who want to travel for a longer period. Of course, we are always open to suggestions and ideas with which we can help other travelers.

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We’re always looking for ways to collaborate with other travel enthusiasts. Whether you’re a company or a fellow traveler, we would like to get in touch and see what we could do for you. Some of the services we provide:

  • Advertising through a banner on our website
  • Promotional messages via our website and/or social media channels
  • Reviews about (travel) products
  • Writing reviews about (travel) books
  • Discount on activity, service, and hotel accommodation in exchange for promotion
  • Other

Previous Collaborations

A small collection of some of our previous collaborations. All blog posts can be found on (our previous Dutch website).

Guest Blogs

Are you looking for a travel guest blogger for your website? Look no further because we would be more than happy to share our travels on other platforms. 

We have written guest blogs for Josephine Remo, Make the Trip Matter, Tales from the Lens, Staycation Australia, Shades of Summer, Planner at Heart, and It’s the Wander Era. And we have worked on multiple collaborations as well.

If you would like to write a guest blog for Boots & Sunshine, please let us know as well! We’re always interested in blogs about countries or places we haven’t been to (yet).

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We love animals! That’s why we’re available for housesitting as well. You’ll find us on TrustedHousesitters, but you could send us a direct request as well.

We both grew up with animals and we simply love dogs and wish we had one ourselves. But as long as your animal is nice and fluffy, we’ll probably hit it off.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re looking for a housesitter/petsitter, whether it’s for a short holiday or a longer period. 

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