Let's brainstorm together

Are you thinking of planning a world trip but you’re not quite sure where to start? Do you want to start traveling long-term but you don’t know where to go? Or are you simply looking for someone to talk to, to clear your mind and figure out what you want to do?

Look no further! We have learned a lot during our travels so far and are always keen on sharing our insights and helping you create the trip of a lifetime.

Although there is a lot of information on our website and in our blogs, sometimes you just want to talk about your situation and all the little nitty things that are easily overlooked. That’s why we’ve created this brainstorming session.


What to expect

During a live call, you get to ask your questions to either Kenji or Rieneke. This will be a 45-minute chat via Zoom to help you with your travel-related questions. Whether you want to know how to book your flight, where you should go, or how much money you need, we’ll try to answer all your questions right then and there. 

Here are some ways we could assist you

If you would like to book a brainstorming session, fill out this form and let us know how we may assist you. We will get back to you with dates/times as soon as possible.