Discover the world with us

Let us take you on a journey to show you all the beautiful places that this world has to offer! We’ll show you the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

We’ve been traveling since 2016 and hope to continue for a long time to come. Hopefully our story will inspire you to get off your couch and find your own adventure!

Where do you want to go?

One of the most fun things about traveling is thinking about where you want to go. Reading about all these cool countries, cities, and places you haven't been to yet.

All the practical stuff

If you want to have fun while traveling there are some things to keep in mind. We've collected a lot of practical information, most of which is based on our on worldtrip.

How we got here

Short story: we fell in love, got married and started traveling the world. In 2016 we made our first world trip which lasted 494 days! But we can't shake the travel bug.

About us

In 2016 we left home to travel the world for at least a year. It ended up being 494 days and we had the time of our lives! There is so much to see and do in the world and we only scratched the surface.

Hi, we’re Kenji & Martha Elzerman. Just before our world trip we got married and we’re still not sick of each other 😉 We’ve learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which makes traveling so much easier!

It’s so much fun to share experiences and adore all the beautiful places we visit. Although we do have our own interests, there is a shared interest in nature, hiking, good food, and going with the flow.

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Discover the world

Traveling is the ultimate way to discover the world. We’ve seen some incredible places but have also witnessed the ugly side of tourism. 

Whether you’re thinking of traveling for a long time, like we did, or you’re just planning your next vacation, there’s something for everybody. 

The key is to follow your interests and have an open mind. Not everything you see or experience might resonate with you, but the experience is never lost.

To travel is to live, so don’t wait for later. Make plans and go discover the world today!

1. One of the things we learned from our world trip is that reviews and blogs give you an idea of where you want to go, but your taste might differ and you might disagree with what you’ve read.

2. Traveling at a slow pace leaves you space to just relax and do nothing for a day or two. You need time to recharge when you’re dealing with a lot of new impressions, from smells to views.

3. Find you’re own groove, whatever that might be. This is your trip and you should be able to do the things that you like. We skipped a lot of must-sees because it wasn’t up our alley.